Rectangular Duct Work

Custom Rectangular Duct Fabrication

For specific measurements, check out the rectangular duct fittings page.

What We Make:

Rectangular Duct
Drain Pans
Internally-lined Duct
Rectangle Square 90
Rectangular Duct End-Cap
Rectangular Duct Work
Rectangular Transition
Standard 5-Inch Duct

Coiline Machine

At Cen-Tex we employ the fastest automated duct fabrication system in the world. It averages coil to duct “L” sections every 15 seconds, and can manufacture two full wrap ducts per minute. It fabricates high quality, cost effective duct fabrication.


Viking Plasma Table

This Plasma Cutter precisely cuts our straight duct, rectangle and spiral fittings. Also included in this machines abilities are that it cuts out Grease Duct black iron 16 gauge.